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Hie :)

Welcome to my personal website

I'm Hrishi Hiraskar and I'm Web and App Developer. This site is the showcase of my work in field of Web Design, App Design, Graphic Design, Programming and Machine Learning. Or you can head over to my Blog.

Open Source Contributions

of, by and for People...


A javascript version of Hand Cricket, where I contributed to the base logic.


A repository where the most basic code of printing 'Hello World!' is implemented in various languages. I implemented it in WhiteSpace and Piet, under Hacktober Fest.

Web Extensions Examples - MDN

A Mozilla Developer Network repo. Under Hacktober Fest, I contributed by solving an issue.

Xcos on Web

An online version of the open source graphic simulator available with Scilab. My contribution was Revamping the server and Dynamic plotting of Graphical Simulation.


Coz it's in my blood...

Wheels on Roll

More at Design


import language as easy

Image Authentication

Implementation of paper - 'An efficient image authentication method based on Hamming code'


Python script to convert image to ascii text

Game of Life

Simulation of Popular Game of Life.


Python script to download and maintain Youtube playlist like Billboard HOT 100.

Competetive Programming

Eat. Sleep. {Code}. Repeat.

Machine Learning

Train, Test and Validate...


#include <iostream>